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Teen Toolbox

Our Teen Toolbox is created to equip and empower pre-teens and teens with coping strategies. Our coping toolbox is  filled with hands-on coping tools that may offer comfort to your teen when they’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious to help them calm down, de-stress and refocus their energy and emotions in a positive, healthy way.


The toolbox consists of:

One Friendtales comic (choose one from dropdown menu. Additional comics are $15 each)

One Wreck It Journal

One Blank journal with affirmations,  stickers and journal prompts

Mandala coloring activities with markers

Breathing Exercises

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Mini Personal Plant

Coping Worksheets

One Stress Ball


* Free coping skill worksheets are sent via monthly newsletter to subscribers to add to their toolboxes

**More about Friendtales Comics: These comics allow kids to understand their feelings through characters that embody different mental health states and enable the children to talk through their feelings with a chatbot of the characters in the story.

Teen Toolbox

  • Comic Descriptions

    Ana's Anxiety: Ana was created to help understand anxiety. 

    The Tale of Lucky: Lucky was created to be the positive character to help show the optimistic side of people. 

    Oscars's Addiction: Oscar was created to help showcase OCD thoughts.

    Tommy's Addiction:Tommy was created to help understand the impact of addiction. 

    Simon's Sadness: Simon was created to help understand sadness at every level.

    Mia's Self-Esteem: Mia was created to help showcase the impact of self-esteem. 





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