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Children's Mental Health.

Significant life transitions are not always easy to face. Starting a new school, welcoming a new sibling, navigating through a loved one's illness, a loss of a pet or simply moving to a new home are all big events in a child's life. It's that time of transitioning from something old into something new that can create anxiety and stress which amplifies the gravity of the change taking place.  


Childhood Matters aims to support big life transitions by preparing children for these changes and by empowering them with coping strategies that helps promote positive mental health. Coping and play are essential elements of child development and are deeply connected with each other. Play encourages natural and creative coping skills in children. That is why we use the power of play to help enhance children's social and emotional well being. 

Our Work

Our Mission

At Childhood Matters our mission is to support and nurture children’s mental and emotional health.

Our Vision

To empower children to embrace and manage all emotions.


Wellness: We build coping resilience and foster safe spaces that enhance the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of young children 


Community Care: We care deeply about the children, families and our community. We commit to allowing their voices to guide our work, and to doing whatever it takes to help them thrive.


Compassion: We regard others with understanding, empathy and a willingness to help.

Collaboration: We value and seek the opinions and thoughts of others. We strategically partner to achieve common goals to make a greater impact.


Impartiality: We make no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class, or political opinions. We  are being guided solely by the needs of children and families.

Our Values