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Play Tool Box-Sun

The Play Box has wonderful tools to keep children engaged and learning. Activities are used to build cognitive, language skills and motor skills. Can be purchased by parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nannies, babysitters as resources to help keep children in their care busy and stimulated. Makes great gifts!


Comes with:

One class story book: The Little Red Hen

One set of wooden puppets : one hen, one rat, one cat, one pig

One I Spy Sensory Bottle (Spy the 26 letters of the alphabet)

One set of conversation starter cards

One indoor reusable scavenger hunt card

One wooden top

One set of 10 wooden blocks 

Weather rocks with weather spinning wheel 

One wooden matching peg activity


As with all products, use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children 3 years of age and under or for the “put everything in the mouth” group. Pieces could be a choking hazard. If an item is out of stock, we will replace it with the closest form of that particular item.

Play Tool Box-Sun

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