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Mindfulness Tool Box

The purpose of teaching mindfulness through this tool box  is to give children  skills to develop  awareness of their inner and outer experiences, to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies and to recognize when their attention has wandered and to provide tools for control.


The Mindfulness Tool Box Contains:


I Am Peace: A book of Mindfulness by Susan Verde

One DIY calm down jar

One yoga cube

One reusable mindfulness scavenger hunt

One set of emotion dolls, scenario cards and emotion charades

One set of 6 playdough cards

Three 1 oz packs of scented playdough

One happy heart stress ball

One set of affirmation cards

Two wooden mandalas

One blank journal

Four breathing exercises

One set of mindfulness breathing activity

One coping strategies wheel


The box comes with one book. This tool box come with one book. Additional books can be added. Please see the drop down menu. For book description, please visit our books tab.



As with all products, use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children 3 years of age and under or for the “put everything in the mouth” group. Pieces could be a choking hazard. 

If an item is out of stock, we will replace it with the closest form of that particular item.

Mindfulness Tool Box

  • Add Ons

    The box comes with one book. You can add on an additional books on mindfulness and growth mindset

    For details on books, please visit the books tab

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