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Growth Mindset Toolbox

Designed with the aim of nurturing a positive and resilient mindset, this toolbox will provide hands-on resources to introduce children to the power of growth mindset.

Inside, you'll find engaging activities, interactive games, and creative exercises that will empower children to embrace challenges, persist through setbacks, and develop a belief in their own potential.


This box includes:

1 Book- The Learning Steps by Shaleena Tareen (6 short stories)
1 Growth Mindset Yoga Card
1 Music QR Code for A Growth Mindset Song
1 Grow Your Brain Science Activity with " Brain Talk" Conversation Card
1 DIY STEAM Activity (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics)
SMART Goals Worksheet
Power of Yet Activity
"Change your words" activity cards
"Mistakes To Masterpieces" art activity
1 set of affirmation cards
1 growth mindset journal with journal prompts
1 cube maze
1 set of 4 Crayons
1 dry erase pocket (For Worksheets)
1 dry erase marker


As with all products, use under adult supervision. Not recommended for children 3 years of age and under or for the “put everything in the mouth” group. Pieces could be a choking hazard. 

Item colors/sizes may vary.

Growth Mindset Toolbox

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