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Trauma Toolbox

Traumatic stress can leave children of any age feeling overwhelmed by stress and trigger a wide range of intense emotions and physical or behavioral reactions. These in turn can affect children's

mood, appetite, sleep, and overall well-being.


The Trauma Toolbox consists of tools that help children and youth to know that they are not alone, understand and process their feelings,  and find positive coping strategies to help manage their emotions.

The Trauma Toolbox Includes:


  • Grounding Cards

  • Affirmation Cards

  • Journal and Journal Prompts

  • DIY Coping Skills Wheel

  • Yoga Cube (Trauma Forms)

  • Stress Ball

  • Clay for Sensory Manipulation

  • Where I Feel Peaceful Worksheet

  • Worry Jar Activity

  • A-Z Gratitude Activity

  • Postcard Art Activity With Watercolors

  • A Positive Self-Talk Coding Bracelet Activity

  • Dry Erase Pocket Sleeve and Marker (To Reuse Activities)


Optional Add-On Books


1- Help Your Dragon Cope With Trauma by Steve Herman (Ages 4-10)

2- Dark Agents by Janina Scarlet (Ages 11+)



Trauma Toolbox

  • Get It Before Launch

    The Trauma Toolbox Launches On October 17th. Preorder Now To Receive 15% Off. 

  • Book Information

    1- Help Your Dragon Cope With Trauma by Steve Herman (Ages 4-10)

    Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations WITHOUT being scary and specific about traumatic events, this is a must have book for children, parents and teachers to teach kids to understand and overcome traumatic events that they might experience.


    2- Dark Agents by Janina Scarlet (Ages 11+)

    Written as a superhero comic book, “Dark Agents” is a unique way for readers to relate their own traumatic experiences to Violet’s struggle with her trauma. The comic book format should appeal to teen and pre-teen audiences and open up opportunity for discussion that may not always be easy to break through with a young person.

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