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Parent Support Groups

Are you looking for a supportive and informative community to help you navigate the rewarding, yet challenging journey of parenthood? We are thrilled to introduce our free virtual  "Parent Support Groups," designed to provide you with valuable insights, guidance, and a sense of belonging.


📅 When: First Tuesday of Every Month

🕓 Time: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST

RSVP's Are Required

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Meet Katie Ramirez

Support Group Parent Coach

Katie Ramirez, a local Ventura native, is not just a parent; she's your confidante and guide on the winding journey of parenthood. As a certified parent coach, she specializes in helping overwhelmed parents find joy in their parenting adventure.


Katie's passion for supporting parents stems from her own transformative experience. It was always a dream to be a mom for Katie. But once her dream was realized she saw the stark contrast between the dream of motherhood and its unexpected realities. Katie knows that parenthood can be daunting, and she's determined to show others that it can also be incredibly rewarding.


Once she found a community, she learned how to enjoy being a mom, which is what she always hoped for. Now, as a parent coach, she is on a mission to provide that same sense of community and support to others. Katie is here to remind parents that they are not alone and that they absolutely can experience way more joy in their parenting journey.


Katie brings hands-on experience to the table. She has facilitated in-person parent support classes and hosted a successful 4-week online course for parents. Her ability to connect with parents and offer practical guidance sets her apart.


Katie Ramirez is more than just a parent coach; she's a compassionate listener. She understands that many parents feel unheard, lost, and overwhelmed. Katie's presence is a reassurance, a guiding light, and a reminder that you are seen and supported in your parenting journey.


In partnership with Childhood Matters, Katie is dedicated to offering parent support groups that provide the safe space, guidance, and camaraderie parents need to navigate the challenges and joys of raising children. Join her in discovering the abundant joy in parenthood.

Upcoming Sessions

No upcoming events at the moment
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