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At Childhood Matters, we strongly believe in community outreach. You can now help us support a child or a family that would benefit most from the resources we have to offer. 

Please fill the form below to nominate a child/family to receive a free toolbox. For a customized toolbox, we will contact you for additional information.

*One nomination will be selected each month. Currently we are only accepting nominations that can be shipped within the United States of America.

 Nominate A Star

Nominate A Child To Receive A Free Toolbox
Which Toolbox Would You Like The Child To Receive

Thanks for for your submission. We will contact you for a shipping address and other details if your nomination is selected.

Star Siblings

This custom toolbox was specially made to help a set of siblings ages 5, 10 and 15 cope through their brother's pediatric cancer treatment.


  Made For The Stars
    Nominations From The Last Quarter of 2022 


Super Star Xander 

Xander had two hours of treatments daily and was about to get a g-tube. The wellness toolbox empowered him with positive coping strategies to manage his medical trauma.

 Star Sister Isabella 

Three year old Isabella was excited to have a baby brother. His pediatric cancer diagnoses had her struggling with separation anxiety, since her parents needed to be at the hospital. The separation anxiety toolbox helped her with this difficult life transition.

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