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Youth Conference

Want To Be A
Youth Mental Health Ambassador?

Childhood Matters is seeking to promote mental wellness in the community and striving to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.


We are currently seeking youth volunteers (15-25) to join the Youth Ambassador Group.


Youth Ambassadors have the opportunity to:


1- Organize and participate in activities/events that promote mental wellness.

2- Acquire trainings related to mental health.

3- Assist in fundraising efforts. 

4- Enhance leadership and communication skills.

5- Have a space and platform to be a voice for change.

Apply Now!

Thanks for applying. We will review this information and get back to you.

Meet Our Team Of Ambassadors



"As Childhood Matters Youth Ambassador, I hope to be voice for my younger self and the youth in the community."

IMG_5039 (1).jpg


"I want to contribute to a safe space, advocate for what has worked for me, and open up conversations for healthy coping mechanisms and expressing oneself."



"I want to advocate for youth mental health is because I was diagnosed with anxiety at a very young age with not many mental health resources. I want to become a voice for younger kids and this generation and breaking the stigma within mental health."



'I don't want the next generation to normalize mental health but instead to make it normal to ask for and get help."

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"There needs to be more conversation about Mental Health because many people don't want to talks about it...But there are people who want to help and I am one of those people"

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