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Supporting Children  Through Partnerships

Childhood Matters has partnered with The BumbleBee Foundation to support pediatric cancer families. Sponsored Toolboxes go directly to a BumbleBee family to help empower them with coping tools.


Choose A Toolbox To Sponsor 


Sensory Toolbox

 Our sensory toolbox holds a variety of sensory and distraction activities that can be used to both calm and stimulate a child’s sensory system.  Sensory activities, or re-centering activities, are the perfect way to help children get from a place of anxiousness to a place of regulation. These tools are often used with children who need to go through a painful and stressful procedures.

Grief & Loss Toolbox

The grief box consists of tools to help a child, sibling or a parent grieve, cope, heal and grow. Through this toolkit, we provide resources for understanding the grieving process, coping with different kinds of loss, and how to provide age-specific support to children.


Play Toolbox

Our Play Toolbox is filled with immersive activities. Play is therapeutic for children and it helps a child transition from feeling upset or worried to a state of flow. Flow states occur when a child is deeply absorbed in play. This is when they discover new things, increase their exploration, and even work through stressors they may feel. This toolbox is especially helpful for a hospitalized child.

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