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Cool Tools

The Cool Tools program provides coping toolboxes

to children who are struggling with big life transitions, anxiety, trauma, grief, loss, chronic illness or other mental and emotional struggles.

Click Here To See Our Toolbox Collection

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Our Early Childhood Social Emotional Learning Initiative provides the set-up and materials to create safe-spaces in classrooms, hospitals and other public areas. These safe spaces help children to reduce stress and anxiety and regulate their emotions.


Click here to see the impact ECSEL has made so far.


Through this program, we bring resources to the community and provide mental health information and hands on activities for children and families.


This program also provides training workshops for parents and educators on various wellness topics.

Click here to view our annual

Mental Health Awareness Community Playdate.

Youth Conference


Our Youth Mental Health Ambassador Program is a youth engagement program that brings like-minded youth together to raise mental health awareness and provides a space to engage in mentoring

and change making.

Click here to apply to be an ambassador.

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